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1. Uncanny Content is run by a white woman with a disability, who recognizes her privilege on a daily basis.
2. This company stands against racism. We will also not abide sexists, ageists, hate speech or acts.
3. We only work with brands that uphold these same standards, or who are actively working to do so (because we also know that we all have work to do).

What this looks like in action

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re likely a business owner or professional wondering what it’s like to work with us, and we’re calling you out. You’ll need to be doing the same hard work we are if you want to work with us. You’ll also have to be comfortable acknowledging that every part of your content and copy needs reflect those values.

No digital blackface in your GIFs. No appropriative language in your copy. No bro marketer tactics that feed into the while male narrative. No false claims of success or overblown results for your products. No outward messaging on acceptance and inclusion while you don’t enforce those values internally.

When we say we don’t fuck around with people who have fake values, we mean it.

If you’re not into our values, or don’t think you need to do the work alongside, we’re not the right company for you. You are welcome to continue to follow us for free advice on content and copy, but we won’t take your money.

Our commitment to diversity

When hiring writers or team members, we actively work to:

1. Include candidates from all walks of life
2. Seek out connections to candidates of different races and ethnicities, abilities, orientations, and neurodiverse capacities
3. Find the best person for the job

We believe that diversity makes us beautiful, and embracing what makes us different is what makes us all better.

Want to work with a content & copy agency that walks the walk?

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We are honored that you’d trust us with your mission, your business, and your business. Because we honor that trust, we want to let you know what to expect from working with us:

This isn’t a bandwagon moment.
This is a statement, so you know exactly who we are and what we stand for.

Here at Uncanny Content, we know that the things that set us apart are the things that can bring us together.

What you have to bring to the table — to this life and to your business — is important, valuable, and necessary.