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Talk to the robots and your audience, without sacrificing one for the other.

You’ve heard that SEO matters. You know that keywords are a thing. You know your business doesn’t pop up first in Google when you type in your services or products. But beyond that, you don’t really know what it means or how to “SEO” your site.
That’s where we come in. We help you identify keywords, your current ranking, and how to optimize existing content to show up higher in SERPs. (We’ll even explain what that means.) Our SEO services are also available to boost your editorial calendar, using SEO research to understand your content gaps and the sort of content you should create. You’ll also get optimized blogs, web pages, and media so that the Google bots and your audience can both find your content.
While you may have tried out “SEO content” before from other agencies or even tried to write it yourself, we find human ways to use keywords and optimization techniques. You won’t lose your voice, you’ll just show up higher in search.

+ SEO keyword research
+ Competitive gap analyses
+ Web page and blog optimization
+ Metadata, linking, H1, H2 formatting
+ Strategic content adds to boost SERPs

"Latasha does her research when writing a piece and gives extremely valuable insight on ways to build your SEO more efficiently. Saving your business a lot of time, money, and stress. "

Rachelle Gershkovich

Rachelle Gershkovich

SEO COntent

Rachelle owned a local nanny agency, as well as a national sleep coaching service. Trying to differentiate her agency and sleep service, she knew she needed to optimize her services with more SEO content. When she started working with Uncanny, we created an SEO content plan that optimized her entire website. From the web copy to blog pages, we systematically updated every page on the site. Tracking her rank in local search, Rachelle’s nanny agency went from Position 9 to Position 2 in a month. Her national sleep coaching service was found in Position 14 for “baby sleep coaching” after not ranking for over two years. The updates also made it easier to navigate her site and gave visitors a clearer idea of how they could work with Rachelle.

SEO Content Client 


Want to see more of our SEO street cred? Alrighty then.

Take a look at a few ways this customizable service shakes out for other clients.

FreshBombs is in a highly competitive field — CBD wholesale. Uncanny Content helped optimize their gift set, lotion, and bath fizz pages to fill a competitive gap their marketing team identified.

Working with their team to understand their products, we created keyword-rich product pages and web copy. We also  created an editorial calendar and drafted blogs that would drive traffic to product pages.


Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado knew that the Your Visit site section was attracting traffic, but that traffic was bouncing away immediately.

It required someone with SEO experience, but also a deep knowledge of the brand to solve the problem. Uncanny reworked pages, optimized for keywords, and redirected the visitor journey. Now, the Your Visit section of the CHCO site retains visitors and connects families with the information they need.



Working as an extension of the iLocal team, Uncanny Content helped create localized page content for multiple service providers. We wrote keyword-rich content to local audiences.

We performed keyword analyses on content and updated regularly based on performance. Speaking with iLocal’s clients, we also incorporated brand voice and the values of small family-owned business into the keyword-focused content to help convert visitors.

Want to know how Uncanny Content can help you with your SEO needs? Set up a time to chat with Latasha. 

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Want to know how Uncanny Content can help you with your content + copy needs? Set up a time to chat with Latasha. 

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