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3 More Examples of Company Brand Voice We Love


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Brand voice is one of our favorite things. Why? Because it makes writing fun — and reading it even funner. (Notice how we made an intentional grammar snafu there? It’s called brand voice!) (Just kidding, please don’t leave.)

We’ve featured a few of our favorite brand voices before, but we’ve got more to add to the list, so we’ll just give them the spotlight!

National Park Service: funny, educational, wholesome

Fun behind-the-scenes fact for ya: Latasha introduced Jess to the delightful gem that is the National Park Service on social media. Now Jess is obsessed. 

So obsessed that, when the National Park Service hosted their annual Fat Bear Week tournament last year to raise awareness for national parks and healthy bears, she started ongoing discussions of fat bears with everyone she knew. Discussions that they definitely did not ask for and didn’t really want to continue having. True story. 

(The 2020 winner BTW was a chonk known as 747, aka, Bear Force One. How can you not talk about that?!)

We love National Park Service’s brand voice because they blend humor, education, and wholesomeness into every social media post. Their captions will often have puns; relevant quotes from TV shows or historical figures; or witty pop culture references. They also answer a lot of their followers’ questions and comments with sincerity. It’s how you imagine Leslie Knope would run the National Park Service on social media.

Take this stunning photo of a herd of snow-covered bison, for example. Start off with a cute joke, share some fascinating info about bison, and finish strong with an image description to make the post accessible for the visually impaired. 10/10.

Drizly: cheerful, sassy, clever

And now for something completely different! One of Latasha’s favorite companies for brand voice is Drizly, an online liquor store. Don’t you dare judge, especially after the year we’ve all had.

If you’re not familiar with how Drizly works, you sign up and tell them where you’re located so you can shop your local liquor store’s stock. Once you fill your cart and buy your booze, a driver delivers it to you in under 60 minutes. Yep, they’re like GrubHub or DoorDash for alcohol.

What makes Drizly fun is that they know their market, and they know what they’re selling. Their brand voice is fun, cheerful, with a splash of sass. Kind of like your tipsy friend at a party who’s having a good time. One of their email newsletters, for example, included “real (and some ridiculous) reasons” to use and order from Drizly:

Latasha accidentally signed up for Drizly’s newsletter twice (she loves them that much), and went to go unsubscribe… only to be met with an ADORABLE team dog mascot, asking if she was *really* sure she wanted to unsubscribe.

It was such a cute touchpoint, and so on-brand with this fun and cheerful voice.

Thinx: comforting, natural, innovative

If the thought of menstruation grosses you out, well, get over it. Because Thinx, manufacturer of period underwear, is a brand that’s out to remove the stigma of getting and having your period. It’s a natural bodily function, for crying out loud.

Anyway, we love Thinx as a brand because, like Drizly, they know who they’re talking to. People who are looking to try period products other than tampons, pads, and cups probably want an eco-friendly, comfortable option that’ll get the job done. That’s why their brand voice is authoritative yet warm and comforting, with a focus on sustainability. They know what they’re doing, and they reassure you that you’ll be happy with their products. 

Check out their choice of words and phrases on their site:

  • “Work out on your period and *actually* feel comfy.”
  • “…made with our signature, innovative technology”
  • “They look and feel just like your regular undies — but better.”
  • “No more restless nights on your period spent worrying about leaks.”

Plus, they answer all your most pressing questions up front on their website, like how their underwear works and yes, you can return them if they’re not for you. They also have a “Know Your Flow” quiz up top that will give you a personalized list of recommended products with your results.

We’ve mainly focused on copy when talking about brand voice here, but we have to award Thinx bonus points for their images, too. You’ll see a diverse range of models and body types on their website, in their newsletter, and on social media. There’s a good chance you’ll always find someone who looks like you modeling their products. That’s what we love to see.

Have a favorite brand voice you wanna share?

We know this is not an exhaustive list, but it’s one of our favorite subjects. If you want to geek out with us, tag us in your favorite brand’s post on Instagram. You can find us at @uncannycontent.

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