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5 Women-Owned Brands We Love


Uncanny Update

During Women’s History Month, we commemorate women’s contributions to American history, society, and culture. And with International Women’s Day on Tuesday, March 8, what better way can we celebrate than by giving a shout out to our favorite women-owned and women-powered brands?

Well, you can also celebrate by donating to women-focused causes, raising awareness about gender equality, and voting. 

But we also know that spending your money at women-owned businesses is one of the easiest ways to support women. If you’re looking for new home goods, food, apparel, and beauty brands run by incredible women, then read on.

The Sill

A subscription and delivery service that fuels our plant obsession

Millennials are leading the houseplant industry, so much so that we accounted for about a quarter of the $48 billion spent on lawn and garden products in 2018. (Pretty sure that number is even higher after we were all quarantined in 2020.) Plants make our spaces look good and feel good, by purifying the air, reducing stress levels and bringing a little outdoors indoors. 

That’s why we love The Sill so much. Their online shop and subscription service helps us all bring a little greenery into our homes. Founder Eliza Blank, Asian American entrepreneur, launched The Sill in 2012 from a borrowed desk in Chinatown. Now, The Sill is run by a team of nearly 70 people with multiple locations in New York, California, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

One thing we love about their content: The Sill’s homepage has lots of white space, easy and intuitive navigation, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons that make sense.

Beyond Yoga

An activewear brand for when we’re moving...or just chillin’ at home

Speaking of being quarantined in our homes, who else exclusively wore yoga pants throughout 2020? It’s okay, that’s called rocking the athleisure look.

Nothing ruins a comfy outfit like an ill-fitting pair of yoga pants though, which is why Beyond Yoga is one of our go-to brands for activewear. They’re known for their buttery soft, locally made, and responsibly sourced leggings in sizes XXS to 4X.  
One thing we love about their content: Beyond Yoga’s Instagram is an excellent example of doing user-generated content the right way.


An inclusive, sustainable underwear brand that flips the script on “sexy”

What about the clothes we’re rocking under our athleisure and activewear? If you’ve ever struggled to find undies that make you feel good — rather than a failure for not looking like a lingerie supermodel — then you need to check out Parade.

With Parade, Colombia-born CEO Cami Téllez aims to “rewrite the American underwear story” and ditch the harmful stereotypes in the industry. She’s also committed to making Parade a carbon positive business by 2025 and donates a portion of every order to nonprofits supporting reproductive rights, mental health, eco-friendly initiatives, and more.

One thing we love about their content: Parade’s FAQ answers all the questions we’ve ever had when trying on a new pair of undies or a bralette. Yes, even the awkward ones.

The Lip Bar

A vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that makes us look good

Many of us on the Uncanny Content team are self-professed homebodies. But every once in a while, we ditch the sweats and put on a lip color that makes us feel amazing. Finding the right makeup for your skin tone is not as easy for everyone, though, which is why The Lip Bar is one of our favorite women-owned and Black-owned beauty brands. 

Founder Melissa Butler launched The Lip Bar because she was “tired of the beauty industry’s lack of diversity, lack of inclusion and excessive amounts of unnecessary chemicals.” Yep, on top of being inclusive, The Lip Bar is cruelty free and vegan, too.

One thing we love about their content: The Lip Bar blog knows what readers are looking for. Gift guides, how-to articles, industry news, makeup inspo, they have it all.

Daily Harvest

An online meal delivery service for healthy, organic food (so we don’t get too hangry)

We all want to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to make it happen. With meal delivery service Daily Harvest, those delicious and healthy meals are actually possible. 

Daily Harvest’s food is built on organic fruits and veggies. They work directly with farmers to grow, harvest, and freeze their produce for “amazing flavor and unmatched nutrition.” We love their commitment to thoughtful sourcing, sustainability, and reducing food waste, too.

One thing we love about their content: Glance at their minimalist website and you wouldn’t think that Daily Harvest spends time on making funny memes, but check out their Instagram and guess again.

Fun fact: Daily Harvest has single-handedly helped Latasha through her panic attacks in 2021. Not just women-owned, but great for mental health 😅

Our wonderful clients

What kind of content and copy agency would we be if we didn’t mention the wonderful women we work with? Shout out to…

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Want to share your favorite women-owned brands? We’d love to hear them! DM us on Instagram @uncannycontent.

Happy Women’s History Month! 

Jess Hammons, Uncanny Content Writer and Meme Enthusiast
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