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8 Emails You Need for Your Upcoming Launch


Brand Voice

Okay, so you’ve spent months (many, many months) of your time, energy, and badass brain-power creating a new offer. Maybe it’s a product, membership, course, video series, etc. 

Now that it’s finished, you step back and look at it, all shiny and new and exciting, and decide it’s time to share it with the world. You get this feeling in your stomach, kind of like pushing a 5-year-old on a bicycle after you lie and say, “Don’t worry, the training wheels are still on!” when you know they aren’t. We all know they aren’t. 

Launch day is like a child on a bicycle. Or, something like that…

But really, the last thing you want is to launch your new *thing* into the world and have it totally flop because you didn’t have a promotion strategy. Especially a launch email strategy.

What happens when you overlook your launch email strategy

Believe it or not, we’ve seen many brands overlook their promotion strategy for their launch. They’ve had their heads down, doing the work, for months now. They already know the value of what they’re launching inside and out, they know it’s going to work for their network/audience/clientele. But they forget to take people along for the ride.

Now that your offer is ready to launch, you need to make them know it’s available and how amazing it is.

Another reason launch strategies don’t work? Um, have you checked your inbox lately? Because I know mine has about 50 spam emails for every 1 email I actually want/need to pay attention to. (I’d unsubscribe from lists, but what do I look like, someone who has all sorts of free time?) You need to devise a plan to get people’s attention and beat the crowds in email-inbox-land. You can’t send 1 email and hope for a 6-figure launch.

So, how do you avoid a floppy launch? An 8-step email approach (yes, eight) that will leave you feeling fulfilled and your launch feeling successful. 

Don’t worryyyyy…we love a list! Let’s get into it. 

The 8-email launch strategy: a breakdown (to avoid your breakdown)

Any good email sequence structure is like a bestselling book. You need rising actions (the emails that prepare your network for the launch), the climax (the launch), and falling actions (the emails that remind your network that something new is available/why it’s important). 

Once you understand the structure, it’s all about the timing and the messaging. And that’s we’re going to walk through each of the 8 emails that makeup the perfect launch sequence. 

1. The “get hype” email

The first email of the sequence should be used to hype up your network. Let people know something new and exciting is coming and then hint at what problem it might solve. Then give them that “exclusive” treatment and add in how they can find out about it first, i.e. “Click here to join the waitlist.” From there, they are tagged into an interest list automatically. 

One idea to sweeten the deal is to offer a special offer/discount/early access for joining the waitlist!

2. The “story behind the offer” email

Your second email will tell a story, one all about why you saw the need for this offer and why it was important enough to you to spend your time creating it. This type of email works best when you can talk about a specific example. For instance, a client who inspired your need to create these new templates, or a time in your business model when you realized that it would be beneficial to offer this specific 1:1 service. 

This should be heavy on the schmoozing; you’re explaining why this is such a big deal, not just for you, but for your audience as well. 

3. The launch email 


Like we discussed, this is the climax of the whole sequence. Your new offer is finally here, available, and ready for your network. This email will probably be the shortest of the sequence but still the most important. Go heavy on the excitement here, pull out all the stops. 

4. The “offers/benefits” email

Don’t lose steam – you’ve only reached the halfway point! 

This email might seem a little counterintuitive, but yes, you still need it. Despite the first three emails in the sequence hyping up, doubling down, and building the excitement of your launch, there will still be people who are on the fence (hey, that’s just how it is sometimes!). 

People want to know exactly what they’re getting for their money and time, and this email is where you show them. Whether it be a list or demonstration, make sure that the receiver is leaving WELL informed of what your product does for them and why it’s worth the purchase. If you find yourself sounding repetitive, you’re doing it right. 

5. The “transformation” email

This is your “and here’s how I’m going to prove it” email. It’s awesome if you have any  testimonials or social proof that you can add in. But if not, don’t worry! You want to show people what’s possible with this offer, which you can still do in your own words. 

This is also another great opportunity to get into that story-telling mode; maybe one from or about a client/customer you’ve worked with, or even just explaining HOW you created this offer to be specific to the person who will be purchasing it.

6. The “incentive” email

You’ve done a lot so far and we’re winding down on this specific launch. Whether or not you’ve gotten the response you were expecting, this next email is going to be important to finalize the launch. This is where you might offer bonuses, discounts, etc. which provides some sense of urgency/scarcity to purchasing. 

The language should give people a reason to start clicking through immediately and at least viewing your offer. The more click-throughs, the more…well, you already know. 

7. The “FAQ” email

This email is all about initiative. What you want to do is plant the seeds of certainty by busting any objections or questions that your audience might have before they even have to ask. The more specific you get here, the better, so start thinking of any possible questions (big or small) that someone might have about their purchase. 

Eventually, you can add questions you get from clients, or even on social media, to this email. Because you’re launching this bad boy more than once, right?

8. The “countdown” email

Time to end this thing with a bang! Countdown emails can be split up into one, two, or however many you want to draw out anticipation. This language is for people in your network who may need more “hype” around closing out their cart. You’ll want to talk about what’s going away (even if it’s just a discount) and why it’s a good idea to purchase now. It’s also helpful to remind them where they COULD be with the help of this product: weekly, monthly, even quarterly. Build it up, flatter a little, remind them how parting is such sweet sorrow. 

We got you, we got this

I know what you’re thinking: wow, that’s all?! 

Jussssst kidding – it IS a lot of work to build this launch sequence, but in the end you’ll:

  1. Have a template to work off of for future launches. A little change of the language here, a little shift of the product positives there, and you’ll be golden.
  2. Be absolutely killing it with your current launch. You’ll feel good about reaching so many people in your network, and great about seeing all that hard work pay off. 

We’re leaving our “flop” era in the past, and you should too *cue Taylor Swift playlist*. So if you have any questions about the 8-email launch strategy, let us know! We’re here to help! 

Latasha Doyle, Uncanny Content Owner, Leader of the Panic Attack Department
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