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6 Marketing Strategies to Help You Have Your Best Black Friday Ever


Content Marketing

Getting ready to prepare your Thanksgiving menu, share your holiday wish list, and manage family dinners? It’s all fun and games…until you realize you’re not prioritizing the one thing every business should have on their list – your Black Friday promo plans.

If a Black Friday offer isn’t even on your list of to-dos, these fun 2022 stats might just change your mind:

That’s a huge chunk of money passing through hands during the holiday season. With people ready to buy and online shopping one of the easiest ways to snag a deal, why don’t you deserve to get a piece of the pie? 

Pumpkin side with a side of $$$ – yes, please!

And while we’re getting pretty close to Black Friday 2023, there’s still time to hatch a plan to have your best one yet.

Scroll on to see how!

Create a limited-time Black Friday offer

People are always on the hunt for deals, especially during the holidays. You should create a deal that will be hard to turn down. And of course, that people only get during Black Friday or all of Cyber Week.

A few ways to create your offer:

  • Considerably discount select items by 25% or more
  • Offer Buy One Get One Off (BOGO) deals
  • Package best sellers into a combo offer (like complementary courses, products, coaching, or consulting offers)
  • Create an exciting offer or upgrade available for purchase only during the sale period

Look at some of your best sellers and think about how to create your Black Friday offer. There’s bound to be something hiding in there. Just make sure your offer connects to something your audience cares about (aka, value), and provide a deal that would be impossible to pass up.

Warm up your audience

So, you have your brand spanking new Black Friday offer. When do you start making the sale? 

You may be surprised, but you have to start selling your offer waaaayyy before Black Friday. 

Your customers have already been looking for deals as early as October. And many people have already been planning on which brands and businesses will be their go-to stops for deal shopping. 

If October was a great time to start hinting about Black Friday deals, the second best time to begin sharing details is now (like at the time this post was published). Start sharing content about your Black Friday offers everywhere. 

Use social media, your website, countdown timers in your client portals, discount codes in your emails…the whole nine yards!

Get the word out consistently and often enough so you can stay above the noise sure to come during Black Friday.

And you’re in luck, cause our very next tip is key to making your Black Friday a *chef’s kiss* type of event.

Prepare your Black Friday content plan way ahead of time

Get a headstart on your Black Friday promo by planning weeks in advance of your actual sale. You wouldn’t launch your big program or product without some lead time, would you? It’s kind of the same thing when selling your Black Friday offer. 

If you want to gain traction without being overwhelmed by last-minute marketing needs or technical drama, do yourself a favor and start prepping. We mean…

  • Deciding on your Black Friday content calendar
  • Writing your Black Friday promo emails, social posts, blog posts, etc.
  • Deciding on what hashtags you’re going to use to increase reach on different platforms
  • Scheduling all of your promo content
  • Checking your tech to make sure it’s ready to handle payment (whether that’s with credit cards, gift cards, discount codes, etc.)
  • Prepping your celebratory dinner with a glass of champagne on deck 😉

Okay, okay, that last one isn’t a deal breaker. But when you’re prepared for Black Friday, you can just sit back and enjoy the pings of your sales and the popping of bottles (instead of worrying about what could be going wrong).

Share your message everywhere

The best thing about prepping early is you can prepare to show up everywhere. And no, it doesn’t have to be as exhausting as it sounds. Content creation and launching can be a total time suck, but there are a few ways you can create realistic goals for your Black Friday sale.

A smart way to manage omnipresent marketing is repurposing everything as much as you can. 

Make your videos into blog posts, and those blog posts into emails, LinkedIn captions, TikToks and Reels, and more. Use your blog postsgraphics to create social media graphics, and prepare Pins for all of your relevant content. This way, you can use your favorite tools to schedule your posts and repurposed content on each platform where you show up for your audience. 

You can also update banners everywhere — social media, websites, sales pages, emails, client portals, etc. — to display a discount timer, promo codes, or both!

Then during Cyber Week, you and your team can be available to engage with customers, run lives, or do anything else your heart desires. The key here is to create a plan that makes sense for your company and your audience. 

Make plans for after Black Friday

You’re ready to plan for Black Friday, but what will you do afterward? 

What are you going to do with customers who start a cart, but then don’t buy? (Hint: Abandon cart emails can help you strike legit gold!) What about customers who missed out on the deal and are going to ask you to extend it? And what about the customers who did buy and are sure to become raving fans of your offer?

Make a plan for how you’re what happens when you did and didn’t get the sale.

Consider upsells and cross-sells, how you’re going to segment your list of new subscribers or those who clicked a particular link in your promo emails, and how you can nurture your audience to become new or repeat customers.

Plan time to also review your analytics to figure out what worked great (and you can probably templatize for next year), and what you could do to improve in other areas. 

The point? Don’t forget to plan for the post-Black Friday timeframe, where you can use insights and momentum from your promo period to convert more of your offers down the line.

Get content strategy support for Black Friday 

Are ya’ pumped yet!!! Too much? 

Sorry, but as launch and content enthusiasts, we can’t help ourselves! Because Black Friday sales can help you generate an influx of cash that blows your Q4 sales goals clear out of the water!

But only if you have a strategic plan in place.

So if you’re reading this and thinking…

“This is a crap ton of work I don’t have time for.”

“I had no idea how long this Black Friday sales cycle was!”

“You had me until omnipresent marketing . . .”

… We’ve got some great news just for you!

Effective content strategy and planning is what we do best! From your promo emails to your social media graphics, the Uncanny Content team is ready to support you. 

And while we’re too close to Black Friday to bring on new retainer clients (for Black Friday help, we can get you on the right path forward with our Strategy Intensives. Check it out here!

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