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Meet the Ultimate Content Audit:
an in-depth audit to help you craft website content and copy that works for your brand (and for your audience).

Do you have a vision for your website, but feel like your current copy or content isn’t doing it for you?

Are you sick of combing through your site and nitpicking every word or page you’ve created?

Does the thought of actually updating your site’s copy and SEO make you feel like hiding in a dark closet?

Do you want advice from professionals who have the...ahem, uncanny ability to figure out what content and copy you need?

How does the Ultimate Content Audit work?

✨ In less than a month, we'll deliver a complete report to your inbox. ✨

Then, it’s time for our team to dive deep into your site. 

We'll look at the macro stuff: brand voice, content flow, grammar, and language.

We'll get started right away by getting to know your business.

We can’t recommend fixes to your website copy if we don’t know what your brand stands for, or what your biz goals include. So, to start the process, we’ll send you a form* to fill out, including questions like...

What do you like about your site?
What do you dislike, if anything?
How is your site performing?
What are your site goals?

*The form will be sent post-purchase + we kindly ask you to respond within 7 days. 


AND the micro stuff: SEO, formatting, links, and images.

Then the overall stuff: what could be added or improved according to your goals, blogs, and social connectivity.

And we'd never forget the voice stuff: does your site sound like your brand? Does it show enough of the right personality?


Our suggestions organized page by page, as well as overall actionable steps you can take.

A video walkthrough to help you navigate the report.

How your site is currently kicking ass.

Quick and easy changes you can make so it can kick even more ass.

The biggest takeaways from your audit.



But that’s not all!

(Said in our late-night infomercial voice)

We'll follow up with you three weeks later to answer your questions, check in on your progress, and see what’s what. Think of us as a “success partner” rather than an “accountability buddy.” We want to make sure your site is on track to meet your goals.

What's inside the Ultimate Content Audit?


With the Principal Package, we’ll audit 10 pages and 20 blog URLs of your choosing. We’ll learn about you and your brand, conduct an in-depth site audit, create a detailed report for you, and check in with you a few weeks later. 

✌️You have two audit packages to choose from, based on what you need. ✌️

Principal Package


With the Premium Package, we’ll audit your up to 25 pages and 20 blog URLs* of your choosing. Even your massive site can get our TLC with a full inspection, analysis, and detailed report.

Premium Package

*FOR SITES OVER 25 PAGES AND/OR 30+ BLOG POSTS, inquire at for custom pricing.

Is the Ultimate Content Audit right for me?

The Ultimate Content Audit is for you if you…

…have a website that you’re ready to level up

...want to learn how to improve your web copy

...are ready to hear #allthefeedback — the good and the bad spreadsheets + video walkthroughs (or at least, you don’t hate 'em)


...are not ready to talk about growing and tweaking your content

...hate change

...don’t have a website in the first place

...can’t handle some cuss words in your video walk-through (we are who we are, OK?)

Psst...if you don’t have a website to audit just yet, but still need content and copy help, take a look at other services we offer. 

"You are more than just a wordsmith. You're an alchemist. You know how to make magic with words."

Lee Chaix McDonough

 ♥ from Uncanny clients


"She does her research when writing a piece and gives extremely valuable insight on ways to build your SEO more efficiently."

Rachelle Gershkovich

 ♥ from Uncanny clients



"I found copy to be far more important than design, and I don't think that's talked about enough. Hire Uncanny Content!"

Braden Drake

 ♥ from Uncanny clients



"There is no better choice than Uncanny Content as far as copywriting is concerned. "

Meghan Maydel

 ♥ from Uncanny clients



Go from "My website doesn't sound like me" to "I booked an ideal client because they loved my web copy."

Roll your cursur over Lucy to see the transformation

Go from "I don't even know how to optimize my website content" to "I have a clear plan for updating SEO elements of my copy and content."

Roll your cursur over Lucy to see the transformation

Go from "Do I have too much crap on my site?" to "Each word on my website has a purpose and resonates with my brand."

Roll your cursur over Lucy to see the transformation

Let’s recap. 


With the Ultimate Content Audit, you get…

Principal Package


Premium Package

👯‍♀️ A team of content professionals Auditing your site 👯‍♀️

✏️ A detailed report with our feedback and recommendations ✏️

🖥 Video tutorials to explain our recommendations 🖥

💌 A follow-up three weeks later to see how it’s going 💌

 10 pages + 20 blog URLS

25 pages and 20 blog URLs*

*FOR SITES OVER 25 PAGES AND/OR 30+ BLOG POSTS, inquire at for custom pricing.