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The Power of Behind-the-Scenes Content (and What Kind to Share)


Content Marketing

Raise your hand if you remember DVDs. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏿‍♂️

For you older millennials like us who raised their hands: were you one of those people who loved those “bonus features” on the DVD of your favorite movie? You got to see how costumes were made and sets were designed. Silly outtakes from the actors. Fun stuff! 

(To all the Gen Z babies we’ve lost at this point, stick with us. Your elders are almost done reminiscing.)

Now, though, you don’t have to buy a physical copy of a DVD. In fact, we hear it’s not cool anymore. But how can you, like the outdated DVD market, create that special sort of “insider feel” for your audience? By creating exclusive, behind-the-scenes content for your audience. 

Let’s talk about what behind-the-scenes content can do for your brand.

Keep your brand real and approachable

If you work with social media a lot like we do, or even if you’re just a casual user, you know that one of the most appealing things about it can also be its downfall. 

Take Instagram, which relies heavily on pretty photos and ~aesthetic~. A brand’s Instagram can be so perfectly curated, every product and model and inspirational quote perfectly posed and edited, that it starts to feel fake. It’s like the Uncanny Valley effect but in social media. It might even feel like you’ve had deja vu over and over and over.

groundhog day gif

Behind-the-scenes content, on the other hand, keeps your brand approachable and real. So when you post an impromptu shot of everyone at the most recent team-building outing, axe throwing or bowling or hiking, you’re reminding your audience that yes, there is an actual team of humans running the biz. You’re not some faceless corporate brand with a pristine IG feed. As a consumer, it’s nice to know who you’re giving money to.

Quick sidenote: Jess here! Want an example of “real” content? Here’s one of my favorite things Latasha has posted on the Uncanny Content Instagram. I bet your boss isn’t as funny or cool as mine.

Connect with your audience

Behind-the-scenes content makes your brand a little more human, a little less perfect. The type of BTS content you share will also help you bond with your audience, too. 

Here’s an example. I, Jess, am a die-hard fan of the YouTube cooking channel Binging with Babish. If you haven’t watched his glorious videos before, I recommend you start with some of my favorite movie food recreations like the Cubanos from Chef. Or Flanders’ hot cocoa from The Simpsons. BUT ANYWAY. 

Binging with Babish’s main platform is YouTube and his videos always include his cooking mistakes (which are part of the charm), but he posts quite a bit of behind-the-scenes content on his Instagram. If you follow his Instagram, you get sneak peeks at upcoming food videos. Photos of his adorable cats. Silly snaps of him living his life off-camera.

Behind-the-scenes content not only makes your brand more personal and real, it connects you with your audience through shared interests. As a fan of Binging with Babish, we connect over cats, delicious food, and dry humor. When you show your audience what you value and who you really are, you’ll start to attract a loyal following of like-minded people.

Got it? Now let’s talk tips for sharing BTS content

Ready to start building trust with your followers? Connecting with your audience by showing off your personality? Humanizing your brand? Here are some tips for sharing behind-the-scenes content.

Share…but don’t overshare. 

Look at your content from a customer or client perspective. How would this make them feel? If you’re posting silly, inspirational, or interesting exclusive content, great. If you’re ranting about how behind on work you are… maybe that’s not the best kind of BTS content to show your audience. 

Latasha here: I’m immediately sending that last line to all of our clients.

You want your behind-the-scenes content to be honest, yes, but it should add value to your brand, not detract from it or tear down your reputation.

Remember the legal stuff. 

Make sure you have permission from everyone in your photo or video before sharing. Leave out sensitive, confidential info. Check for copyright infringement like music or artwork. Be as careful posting BTS content as you would with other content. Also if you’re sharing screenshots or taking photos near your screen, make sure you’re not showing a project that is private!

Mix it up. 

Include behind-the-scenes stuff with more polished content. How often you share it is up to you. Keep an eye on your audience’s engagement and feedback. If they like what you’re sharing, experiment with posting more behind-the-scenes content on different platforms. Find out what your audience wants most and balance that with your own goals.

Go for it. 

Look, it’s the internet. Anything and everything will get judged. We’re all afraid of posting our less-than-perfect selves online, but that’s what social media users are looking for! 

Post a photo of that coffee mug you accidentally dropped on the floor, the messy whiteboard that your team uses to brainstorm, your favorite lunchtime spot in the office, or your team celebrating the completion of a big, stressful project. Worst case scenario, nobody gives a shit. Best case scenario, it makes someone smile and makes them look a little more at your brand and services/products.

You’re not just sharing your boring life: You’re sharing your “why”

Our biggest takeaway: you want your behind-the-scenes content to help your audience understand you. How you typically work, including how you overcome challenges and fix mistakes. What your company culture is like. Why you’re in business. How many pets you’re supporting with your business (6 furbabies for Latasha, 1 for Jess).

Keep that “why” in mind, and use it to guide your creation of behind-the-scenes content.

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