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Stop Asian Hate: Resources & Action Tips


Uncanny Update

We’re ready for spring—we got nearly two feet of snow in the ‘burbs outside of Denver a couple of weekends ago.

You know what else we’re ready for? To start having a real conversation about Asian hate and attacks against AAPI people. (We don’t do surface level shit here. You’ve figured that out by now, right?)

Jess here, getting serious for a moment. 

Anti-Asian attacks have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the actual number of hate incidents could be even higher than what’s reported by law enforcement and the media. 

Members of communities all across the country have been assaulted and robbed (and killed) while out on a walk in Oakland. Spit on and called “Chinese virus” while holding her baby in New York. Fatally shot by police while suffering from a mental health crisis in Pennsylvania. Coughed on and verbally abused while driving an Uber in San Francisco.

And on March 16th, gunned down in their own place of business in Atlanta. 

Let’s not dwell on how we got here or how these current events make me feel, because a) that’s not the point of this message and b) talking about feelings grosses me out. (Latasha will attest to that.) 

Suffice it to say I’ve been angry, terrified to go out in public, in tears, and everything in between. The other thing: Asian hate crimes and racism against Asians have been happening for years. It’s just finally getting some attention by people in charge.

What I do want is to share some resources on what’s happening and how you can help: 

Why are we talking about this? We said that we were an anti-racist brand on our blog and on social, and we meant it. Our work does not stop when anti-racism stops trending.

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