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Your 2022 Content and Copy Review


Content Creation

Happy New Year, folks! We hope Santa brought you everything you wanted this holiday season. Like quality time spent with loved ones, good health, and avoiding COVID-19. Or, like, an air fryer or something.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s that time of year again. Let’s talk about how you can start 2022 off on the right foot with great content and copy for your business. 

Review your website copy

We highly suggest you review and update the copy on your website periodically. Every 3 to 4 months is a good rule of thumb, as we’ve said before. You don’t need to overhaul your entire website; you just need to make sure everything is accurate and up to date.

Double-check your offers, products, or services

If you have time to check only one thing on your website, please make it this one. We’re begging you.

When your site visitors find a product, service, or offer on your website, they expect it to be available, not to mention accurately priced and described. If you have retired products and services or outdated offers floating around, you’re just wasting your potential customers’ time.

Check your SEO

After refreshing your memory on what the hell SEO even is, it’s time to give your website’s SEO a tuneup. Check how you’re ranking for certain keywords. Are those keywords and phrases used naturally in your content, especially your headers and intro paragraphs? 

Look at your branding

Your brand voice, logo, images, fonts, and brand colors may have evolved if you’ve been in business for a while. Has your website been updated to reflect those changes? Or will someone get confused when they navigate from a totally different Instagram page? Your branding should be consistent wherever you’re present online, from social media to emails to website and blog.

Psst…got more time to do a more detailed website review? We have more tips on doing just that, of course.

Check in with your brand message

Speaking of brand voice, we have a related task for you to check off your list. Take a look at your brand message (which you may think of as your company mission or vision instead). Is that still accurate?

You may have launched your business with a specific intention, certain services, or certain products, only for things to change over time. And that’s totally fine! We’re sure tons of small businesses changed during the pandemic alone. Just make sure that the story you share online matches.

Brainstorm fresh content ideas

If you’re tired of the same old newsletters and social media captions, or you’ve been suffering from writer’s block for some time, why not try something new and fresh?

One strategy we have for battling writer’s block is to check out your competition. (Note: We do not mean stealing from our competition. Don’t do that.) Find out what content your competitors are sharing online and figure out how you can do it, but better.

What do their websites look like? Are their TikToks getting better engagement than Instagram photos? Do people seem to prefer their blog or YouTube channel? What are they actually talking about, and how can you put your spin on it?

Evaluate your content planning process

Maybe you struggled with planning content for the last few months of 2021, and you definitely don’t want to carry that energy with you into planning for 2022. It may be time to evaluate your content planning process as a whole.

Review your current process and pinpoint your pain points. (That sounds catchy, doesn’t it?) Figure out where there are bottlenecks and why. If you’re rushing to write blogs last minute, maybe you need to set aside time to create them in batches. If publishing stuff on social media takes forever, think about using a scheduling tool to save time.

Remember that your content planning process should go hand-in-hand with your content strategy in general. Meaning, the content and copy you’re writing should have specific reasons behind them. If thinking about your content strategy is making you panic, fear not: we have a free training that can help.

Set new content and copy goals

What do you want your content and copy to do for you this year? Take time to create some content resolutions for 2022. Content and copy goals will give all your brainstorming and researching and writing some direction and purpose.

Want amazing copy that’ll make your next launch a success? Are you determined to get more out of your content by repurposing and reusing it? Do you wanna finally kick that habit of procrastinating to the curb? 

Write your goals down, meditate on ‘em for a little bit, then go forth and get to work. We believe in you. And if you need help working on your new content and copy goals, give us a call.

Jess Hammons, Uncanny Content Writer and Meme Enthusiast
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