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6 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs More Content


Content Planning

Content, which is everything your brand puts out into the world for others to consume, is super important for your business. You already knew that, right? We’ll also assume that you know content makes an impact on your audience, your conversions, your online presence — everything. 

Whether you’re already making content regularly or haven’t started yet, you could probably benefit from creating even more of it. Here’s why.

It builds trust with your audience

Why should someone pick your brand out of a crowd? What makes people stay loyal to one brand instead of trying another one?

People often stick to one brand because they believe it consistently offers better quality and service than its competitors, pricing be damned. The foundation of brand loyalty, we think, is trust. People trust that you’ll live up to your standards and that you’ll deliver a certain kind of experience. Content can play a role in that. 

How you engage with your audience on social media, how you tell your brand’s story on your website, how you entertain or educate or inspire through content — that’s all part of your audience’s experience with your brand. 

We’re not saying content alone is responsible for brand loyalty, because other factors like excellent customer service or how your products are manufactured certainly matter. But if you’re consistently giving your audience what they want through content, then you’re building trust and brand loyalty.

That’s also why more content can help — because the more you create, the more chances you have to show your audience that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and providing value. There’s just something about having a lot of content to binge that makes people become die-hard fans.

It helps you generate more and better leads

The more your audience looks at your content (and the more content you make available to them), the better the chance they’ll buy what you’re selling, either right now or in the future. Being smart about promoting your offers in your content can generate new, and better, leads. And creating more relevant content that aligns with your offers makes it more likely that people will see and engage with them.

You can’t just throw a link to a product or a link to your service page at a potential customer and scream “PLEASE BUY MY STUFF.” Well, you could, but we don’t recommend it. Use your content to encourage someone to take a specific action instead. It’s way less annoying and more likely to work.

It’s better for SEO

Nobody likes talking about SEO. (Even us, and we work with it for a living.) We’ll keep this reason short, then. Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps your site rank higher in search engine results. Where your page ranks on Google depends on how relevant it is to a query and how trustworthy your website is. 

Fresh, high-quality content that answers your customers’ questions, fulfills their needs, and uses the right keywords will boost both your site’s relevancy and trustworthiness. Ergo, better SEO and a better chance that your brand will be seen by your target audience. We recommend blogging, videos, or podcasting for this reason, because SEO isn’t robust enough (yet) to include things like social posts on social media platforms.

Wanna read more about SEO? We have an ultimate guide to SEO that covers all the bases.

It’s a budget-friendly marketing strategy

Fun fact: Content marketing generates more than three times as many leads as traditional advertising methods, like pushy ads that seem way too desperate. Plus, they cost 62% less than those methods.

We tend to be more right-brained at Uncanny Content, working with words and all, but you don’t need to be a math whiz to understand that’s a hell of a deal. While creating more content can add up, it’s still a very budget-friendly option. Plus, when you think about the ROI on email (122% on average), it makes you reconsider where you spend your dollars… 

It positions you as an expert in your field

You can’t just label yourself an expert in your industry and call it a day. We wish it was that easy! No, you have to earn that respected title, which is often given to you by happy customers. You can do that by producing awesome content that shows you know your stuff.

Remember when we talked about how content is better for SEO? Reliable content relevant to a search query makes Google’s algorithm rank certain sites above others. The need for specific content written by an expert is already there — you just have to fulfill that need.

How can you produce this expert-level content? Dig deep into questions that your ideal customers have. Answer them with well-written evergreen blog posts, whitepapers, podcast episodes, what have you. Basically, be the source of information that your potential customers need. And keep creating this content — even if you feel like you’ve “said it already.” People don’t read everything you’ve ever created, and if they do, they will eat up every word, video, or post.

It helps establish your brand personality

There are so many brands out there in so many industries, it’s no wonder people are overwhelmed by choices. What’s a consumer to do when faced with six different options that are all pretty equal in price and quality?

You go with the one you “like” the most. In other words, you picked the option with the strongest brand personality.

What might that look like? You might’ve picked something for its brand personality if you…

  • Supported a certain nonprofit because of the story behind their cause
  • Chose a bottle of wine because the label had the coolest design
  • Picked a fast food restaurant because you remembered a funny commercial they aired
  • Followed a brand on social media for taking a stand on an important issue
  • Hired someone for a service because their website was the best

Be honest, you know you’ve done at least one of those things. Those brand personalities made an impact on you, thanks to excellent content. So don’t be afraid to use content for your own brand personality! The more you flex that brand voice — and the more cohesive it is across your content — the better your audience will understand you and want to buy from/work with you.

Content is essential for your brand

How’s that for our argument? Clearly, content does a lot for your brand. To recap, creating more content can:

  • Build trust in your audience
  • Encourage people to buy what you’re offering
  • Get you noticed and ranked higher in search
  • Be a budget-friendly marketing tool
  • Make you look good in your field
  • Help people remember who you are

With all the benefits content has to offer, we totally get it if you feel overwhelmed at the task of creating more content for your brand. It can be a lot to handle! We can step in and help. Give us a ring and let’s talk about your content needs. We offer full-service content management, from editorial calendars and topic planning, to creating the content and scheduling it for you. Hands-free for you, fun for us.

Jess Hammons, Uncanny Content Writer and Meme Enthusiast
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