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How to Use AI Effectively to DIY Your Copy


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My prediction: A few decades from now, copywriters are going to be just as obsolete as phonebooks thanks to AI. Yeah, let that sink in. 

Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere. 

Yes, AI is a hot topic these days. And yes, a lot of people are worried about what that will mean for the way we think about marketing and advertising our businesses. (The bros all say we’re screwed.)

More specifically, there’s a lot of talk about how AI may be used for copywriting.

While AI is no replacement for an actual human, it’s actually a surprisingly helpful tool. Let’s look at why (and let’s ease those Brave New World-fueled nightmares, ‘kay?).

AI isn’t as scary as it sounds

You probably don’t even realize how much we use AI already in our day-to-day lives. I sure didn’t until I looked it up (what? I’m a copywriter. Not a software genius). 

We use it for things like fraud detection in our bank accounts, for things like Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year (my fav holiday), and on social media. All of that data being collected about you and your activities? The tech puts it together to create better suggestions or methods of doing things. 

Your Netflix recommendations are automated by AI too. Yes, surprisingly there’s no man behind a smoke mirror keeping tabs on what you watch.

The point in all this is that we use AI every day and it does a lot of good. But what does this have to do with your business? 

Well, it can be a helpful copywriting tool, too. 

How to use AI for copywriting

Look, don’t panic. AI is NOT going to replace copywriters. No machine can replicate the art of human connection. None. 

But that being said, there are times when you might be in a pinch and need an extra set of hands…err…keyboard? Hard drive? Anyways, that’s where AI tools can come in handy. And it can be especially helpful if you don’t really have the budget for a copywriter right now. 

Use it’s insight to your advantage

One of the most prominent uses of AI is to collect data. So use that to your advantage! AI can give you insight on your customers, how they’re behaving online, how they’re shopping, what time of day, etc.

(Low key, this does sound a little creepy as I type it out, but hey, Facebook and Instagram are already tracking this and it’s available inside your biz dashboard, so like, why not use it?)

Use it if you’re bored with your copy

There are truly only so many ways you can tell people you’re having a sale. Or doing a Facebook live every Tuesday. Eventually, that same ol’ copy is going to get boring, for you AND your audience, no matter how many times you try to jazz it up. 

AI can help you make iterations of the same copy so the information gets presented in a new way without actually being new. It can save you a lot of time if all you need is a quick refresh. 

Or if you have writer’s block

Hey, it happens. Sometimes you spend an entire morning downing a bowl of Lucky Charms trying to muster up some creativity while staring at the blank screen of doom. Writer’s block happens to us all. 

But if you aren’t sure how to get a single piece of copy started, AI can bring up some suggestions that can get those creative juices flowing.

AI can be useful for quick copy edits

Sometimes you’re in a pinch and don’t really have time to proofread or polish your copy. AI (like Grammarly) can do the dirty work for you. It can spell check, check for general tone, and more without you having to do much else aside from giving the copy a quick glance. 

When you should NOT use AI

AI can be helpful, but it’s not the best bet for every situation. There will be times when you should definitely not use AI to write your copy, because it can’t do everything (at least not yet 😉). 

If you want expert copy, if you want to really wow your audience, build connections, and win them over, then you should stay away from AI. It’s good when you need some help on the fly, but it’s not as robust as a copywriter’s brain. 

Like I said before, no technology can replace human connection. And when you work with experts (like us!) they can dig deeper into your data, assess your strategy, and write copy that lands because they have the ability to see everything full circle. AI doesn’t.

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Ashton Hoot, Lead Copywriter + Dedicated Swiftie
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