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4 Ways to Attract Your Target Audience (and Repel the Rest)


Content Marketing

Are you attractive, or are you repulsive? In other words, does your brand attract your target audience and repel everyone else? 

If not, you might need to work on offending your audience. In a good way. Not by being a straight-up asshole, but by speaking to your target audience and filtering out the rest. If you want your inbox full of excited ideal clients (and a few offended strangers on the internet), you can make it happen. 

Have a personality

How do you avoid being boring? You have a personality.

Well, obviously. But hear us out. Many people are afraid to stand out. They just want to fit in, because fitting in tells us that we’re doing something right. There’s nothing wrong with this impulse at all, BTW.

But you gotta have a personality in order to attract your target audience. And having said personality sometimes means being different. You have to be brave enough to stand out so your target audience can actually find you in the crowd.

Oh, and here’s a gentle reminder to be yourself. Write your blogs, social media posts, emails, everything like you talk. Don’t try to be energetic and extroverted if you’re a chill introvert. Embrace your personality and share it with your target audience.  

Niche down

Your business can’t serve everyone and make everyone happy. You’re not pasta. 

You can’t be all things to all people, so don’t. Narrow down your target audience and speak to them. Understand their wants, their goals, their problems or challenges, and their experiences. Listen to how they speak, which will most likely inform how you talk to them.

Not only does having a niche help you find your target audience, it helps you serve them better, too. You can tweak your offers according to what your niche wants. You can improve your skills and customer service. All of your marketing efforts will cater to your niche, so you won’t get overwhelmed. And you’ll avoid producing bad content just for the sake of churning it out. 

Try to speak to everyone and you’ll end up speaking to no one. So, focus on your niche to find your target audience.

Have values

You might’ve noticed that we at Uncanny Content have some strong opinions. We’re not afraid to be loud and proud of what we believe in. 

We’re not putting on this persona to be ~quirky~ or contrarian. It’s honestly just part of our brand personality — our brand values, which include humor and authenticity, among others. And we’ve found that standing for what we believe in has helped us find people we truly want to work with.

You can and should do the same for your own business. As the CEO and founder, you’re the essence of your brand. You decide on your mission, your vision, why you want to serve the people you do, and how. These values impact everything in your biz, including your content.

Whether you serve women-owned businesses, advocate for those who have a disability, or donate some of your proceeds to your favorite nonprofits, talk about it with your audience. Like-minded people who share your values will want to support you and work with you. Plus, you’ll repel the people who just don’t “get” you, or who might be jerks about what you believe in.

Be tough

Putting yourself and your biz on the internet requires toughness in general. But having a personality and opinions? And sharing them with the world?? You’re gonna need a much thicker skin.

Be prepared for trolls. Be prepared for people who question what you do and what you think. Be prepared for people who unfollow, unsubscribe from your emails, or straight-up ghost you. You have to make peace with those possibilities and not waste your energy on what they’re saying.

This is part of attracting your audience by repelling the rest. You’ll reel in people who love what you’re doing — people who connect with your message. People who choose your biz over someone else’s because they like your brand better.

That means you’ll also initially attract some assholes and duds who, hopefully, realize that you’re not a good fit for them and move on. You do you, and keep at it. 

Offend your audience (in a good way)

This is not to say that you can’t serve or collaborate with people who have different opinions or personalities than you do. That’s unrealistic. And you can learn a lot from people with different experiences and perspectives.

But don’t be afraid to offend your audience by being yourself, setting some boundaries, and being vocal about what you believe in. 

If someone thinks differently but respects who you are and still wants to work with you, then awesome! If someone wants to troll you with a list of reasons why you’re wrong and why you suck, forget ‘em. Someone else will come along who believes in what you do. 

Need help being offensive? (LOL.) Or creating content that will help you attract your target audience and weed out the riffraff? Let’s talk about what we can do for your biz.

Jess Hammons, Uncanny Content Writer and Meme Enthusiast
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