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Meet Erin, Task Wrangler & Pickle Connoisseur


Uncanny Update

Hey again! We’re back with another post introducing you to one of our fantastic team members. If you missed the rest of the series, we previously featured Amanda, Jess, and Ashton (our writers), Lauren (content strategist), Chynna (operations manager), and Josie (project manager). Next up in this series, we’ll introduce you to Erin. 

Here’s what I (Valicia) have learned about Erin since I started here at Uncanny: she’s warm, optimistic, and adaptable. Also, there’s her love of pickles – seriously, she created an actual slideshow to review the set of pickles the team gifted her for her birthday (Kosher Dill & Garlic Dill flavors for the win!).

Clearly, there’s so much more than I can share in three words. So, keep reading to learn more about Erin, Task Wrangler & Pickle Connoisseur.

State your full name, for the record:

Erin Morgan Hammond

Where do you live (if you want to share):

I live in Van Alstyne, Texas, and love the small-town vibes. Think Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.

Who do you live with?

Husband (Ross), son (Blake), and our dog (see next question). I’m the only female in the house, but I am the Queen.

A Note from Valicia: We share some similarities there, Erin! Total Queen vibes. 👑

Don’t forget pets:

My dog’s name is Bogey. He was a rescue and is a pitbull & Great Pyrenees mix.

What did you do before working with Uncanny?

I worked at an awful toxic corporate job – I was the marketing manager for a textile recycling company. Ashton and I actually worked together there as well! 

I had hired Ashton and we became fast friends, then we quit on the same day. 

What’s your favorite movie? (Latasha says we can pick up to 2.)

Okay I am kind of weird, and I am not a big movie person (eek). I honestly prefer TV shows because I can’t sit still through a whole movie LOL. 

So, my top 2 TV shows would be New Girl and HGTV House Hunters International. I’ve always wanted to live in another country (so jealous of Ashton living her expat life in Spain right now), so that show gives me a small insight into that world. 

If I had to choose a movie though,  it would be the Lord of the Rings series. Which is weird cause I usually can’t sit still for most movies, but I can with those even though they’re so long! 

A note from Valicia: All great picks, and Lord of the Rings is such a masterpiece too!

What’s your favorite book?

I’m a big nonfiction person – love me some biographies and autobiographies! I actually have two favorites books:

  • Crazy for the Storm: A Memoir of Survival, by Norman Ollestad
  • Same Kind of Different As Me, by Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent, and Ron Hall

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

I have to pick just one? I love to travel, so this is hard. Fun fact: I have been to 45 out of the 50 states in the US. 

A dream of mine would be to travel Europe by train, but I also really want to go to all the Nordic countries. My husband and I are also planning a trip to Iceland for our 5th wedding anniversary!

Who was your first crush? How did that end for you?

My first crush’s name was Patrick and it all started when I was 2…  Our older brothers were best friends as well as our moms. We are a month apart in age. 

One day I went home from preschool crying and when mom asked me what was wrong, I told her Patrick had another girlfriend besides me. It was devastating to my 2-year-old heart.

But we actually grew up as best friends and are still close today LOL! 

A note from Valicia: A crush turned bff – super cute!

What’s your favorite part about your work with Uncanny?

Is everything an acceptable answer? 

In all seriousness, I truly love the people of Uncanny. I have never worked in a more caring and thoughtful environment. Everyone on the Uncanny team has your back at all times and is there for each other good or bad. 

I just wished we all lived closer to each other so we could hang out more! That would be a dream! 

A note from Valicia: I 1000% agree with you! The Uncanny people and culture are tough to beat.

What do you wish more people knew about the work you do?

That even the smallest of the behind-the-scenes tasks add up! 

People don’t think scheduling a newsletter or blog would take them long. But when you add in GIFs, links, buttons, formatting, funnels, etc., that’s a lot of time they could spend on doing other things in their business.

What’s the hardest part of the work you do?

It’s keeping up with all the different instructions on dropping client documents, projects, social, etc. 

Each client has their own project management system, spreadsheet, Airtable, etc. where I need to drop their content. So remembering where to drop content, who to tag, and how to drop them all is a big deal! 

Shout out to Josie and Chynna for setting up my Asana tasks to help me remember all of that! Real MVPs right there. 

A note from Valicia: The logistics and nuances of managing instructions and deliverables are so challenging. Especially working across multiple platforms and coordinating with multi-person teams for each client. MVP shoutout to Erin too!

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I love my morning walks with my son and dog. Also, watching baseball, football, and golf is a yes – I’m a big sports person.

Traveling for sure too! I am writing this as I am in Colorado right now on a little work vacation. But I also love to just cuddle up on the couch with my husband and watch a good show.

What’s one goal you have for yourself in the next year (not related to work)?

To find some type of hobby for myself. I really don’t have anything I love to do, so I want to find something that isn’t just working or mommy-ing (yes I made up that word). 

Reading more, working out, painting, drawing… something!

Do you have any secret talents or fun party tricks? (You will be asked to do these at a future team retreat)

Hmmm. I am double-jointed in my thumbs and can put my thumbs behind my hand. That’s all I can think of! 

A note from Valicia: Simultaneously freaked out and intrigued. We’ll be waiting for this trick at our team retreat!

You can follow Erin on Instagram at @circleestudios! Keep an eye out for her on Uncanny’s Instagram @uncannycontent, too! 

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