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Ask the Team: Tips for Beating Writer’s Block


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We’ve all been there. The blank screen of doom. The blinking cursor that seems to mock you. The sheer agony of knowing you’ve accomplished nothing but have been at your desk for hours. Writer’s block can be a real pain in the ass, huh?

Thankfully, you’re not alone in this. We asked our team to dish out their best tips for beating writer’s block, and they did not disappoint! You can read their responses below. 

Hope this helps, bb!

Have writer’s block? Google it!

Prefer the technical answers? Amanda, lead copywriter, says to Google it. Really!

“Google the topic and skim the first few search results. Sometimes writing stuff out of order helps too. Like writing the CTA first or doing the outline and filling in random sections before it’s a complete piece of work. 

Then, set it aside and do something else. For minor writer’s block, I’ll work on a different task. If I’m feeling super uninspired/uncreative, I’ll do something not work-related at all: work out, get a snack, scroll my phone for 10 minutes, start a load of laundry, stand outside in the sun, etc.

Or switch locations. Move from my office desktop to my laptop somewhere else in the house, raise the standing desk, and get out my walking pad. Sometimes just switching the music/ambient sound I’m listening to helps.”

Treat it like an English paper

Ashton, our lead copywriter, says,

“I put the project down and start something else. Usually, when I feel writer’s block, it starts to get doom and gloom. But if I can get a quick win it reminds me that I am capable of writing something good. 

I’ll also treat it like one of the English papers I wrote during undergrad. What are each of the main points? Sub points? What will each paragraph say? What’s my thesis so it all stays tied together? 

It helps me see gaps and fill them in from an overview. It’s kind of like talking it out with someone and helps you get to the root of what’s important.”

Write ONE thing

Our copywriter Jess also has some great advice for knowing when to step away:

“If I have writer’s block, I work on something else that I find easy. Or DO something else like listen to music, tidy up the house, or check something else boring off my to-do list. If I have writer’s block and panic, it’s probably because I’m thinking of everything else I have to do and I’m pressuring myself too much.

Also — write one thing. Anything. 

The headers, the SEO, or one sentence. Every time it feels like I don’t know what to write, I try to write one thing, then another, and another. And I Google the topic so I can figure out how I might want to approach it OR how I don’t want to approach it — format, talking points, style etc.”

Go read a book

Want to know what our fearless leader, Latasha, has to say?

“Step away from the fucking computer. Every time I get stuck, it’s because I’ve stared at my computer too long. Taking my dog (or just myself) for a walk in any weather tends to shake me out of it.

You could also use AI! Yep, a professional copywriter is telling you to use AI. If I am stuck on an outline for a blog, I’ll use ChatGPT’s Long-form Blogger GPT. If I’m stuck on a social post, I just give ChatGPT a prompt. They always miss the mark and I find myself editing it — but just having something to edit helps immensely.

Or…read a damn book (smut, preferably). I’ve found that the more non-business content inputs I have, the more creative I am. I like to read a couple of pages of a book while I pace around my house or let my dog out. Just putting something else in my head tends to knock new ideas loose.”

Talk it out

Lauren, our content strategist, says: 

“I try to get out of my head by talking to someone! I love having a brainstorming session and hearing someone else talk about something if I’m stuck. Hearing questions someone else might ask, or seeing how they take your thoughts and ideas in another direction, can be really illuminating.

You could also try doing a chore. You activate a different part of your brain when you start in on a mundane task, so sometimes I need to do the dishes or take a shower to get my brain to unlock new ideas. Science even backs me up!”

Got a really bad case of writer’s block? We can help!

Sometimes even the longest walk or most refreshing break isn’t enough to beat a bad case of writer’s block. If you find that happening to you, it could mean there’s something much deeper at play. 

Maybe you’re stuck on your strategy. Maybe your content doesn’t feel fun or on brand anymore. Maybe you’re just overwhelmed and need someone to tell you what to do. 

If you’ve got chronic writer’s block, hit us up. We can help! 

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Ashton Hoot, Lead Copywriter + Dedicated Swiftie
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