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How This Small Biz Increased Website Traffic 300% by Posting LESS


Content Marketing

Website traffic up 300%. Content production down 60%.

You say…“There’s no way this is possible.” 

We say… “au contraire!”

Because despite what the latest dudebro “marketing hack” article says (most likely that you have to be posting every single day), it’s possible to create content in a cadence that feels right for you while ALSO improving your stats. 

And we’ve got the receipts to prove it. Check out how posting less helped Kristin at Align the Stars Tarot improve her website traffic by 300%!

Meet Kristin Masliuk

Kristin is an intuitive marketing coach and tarot reader. Kristin came to us after years of doing content on her own. As a corporate marketing veteran of almost 20 years, she had a pretty good handle on things. 

But she felt like she was posting to post and wasn’t gaining traction and traffic for her offers. She was creating without clear direction and was hitting a point of burnout (#TheWorst). Without the help of our team, she needed to be able to market and create content that matched her skillset and capacity and aligned with her ideal clients.

She wanted something feasible, something that wouldn’t require her to be online 24/7, or post every single day of the week. 

Kristin had the know-how and was willing to put in the time to produce quality content but she was running out of ways, she thought, to speak about her offers. She needed content that would connect with her audience and get the traction she needed to grow her business.

So, she gave us a ring. 

How we worked together during a Strategy Intensive

On Kristin’s initial Strategy Intensive call, she expressed feeling like the content she was creating looked like everyone else’s. She wanted to add more personality to the content she was putting out but also didn’t want to feel like she needed to become an influencer, something we hear a lot. We needed to help Kristin market her business in a way that felt genuine to herself but also generated revenue. The time spent creating social media content needed to be justified with results! 

In our two hours together, we dug deep into her current content marketing plans, and what she was hoping to accomplish in the future. Her usual posting cadence didn’t feel feasible, so it was important that we were able to find areas that could still provide value without feeling like a burden. 

We walked through Kristin’s current offerings, her lead generation tactics, her email marketing, and every aspect of her marketing funnel to better map out how to nurture her social following. We also spent time learning and understanding where her strengths and weaknesses with content lie, what she was excited to talk about, what she was hesitant to tackle, what mediums she was comfortable with, and how we could translate all of that into a strategic marketing plan. 

Kristin’s plan of action

After we talked, we followed up with Kristin, giving her her “homework” aka…her new and improved content plan!

Instead of posting every single day, we landed on bi-monthly blog posts, weekly newsletters, and a mix of Instagram posts (carousel, reels, posts) and stories. The main change to her social media content was capping the content at 3 feed posts per week and a minimum of 1 day of stories per week as well.

And two months later…we heard back. Not only was Kristin feeling MUCH better about the amount of content she was producing (read: way less stressed out because it became manageable), it was working. Big time!

She was posting about 60% LESS content, and saw a 300% increase in her website traffic.

But the best part was that this new content plan wasn’t just improving her numbers. It was that she also felt like she had more energy to be the visionary and CEO of her own business. Because she wasn’t constantly stuck in the weeds anymore, she now had time to do it.  

Don’t just take our word for it, though. See what Kristin has to say in her own words: 

Find the right content plan for YOU

We won’t lie — sometimes posting more does help you grow. But what a lot of marketing advice floating around the interwebs won’t tell you? Content strategies aren’t one-and-done. Not everything works for everyone. 

Posting just to post (or really, following ANY marketing/content advice without tailoring it to your biz) is a recipe for burnout. For you AND for your audience. 

We’re not posting just to post here. That’s not a good use of your time. Instead, you need to know how to build a plan that attracts an audience that WILL take action—whether you post one day a week, or seven. 

Sometimes less IS more. You just need to have a strategy to know HOW to make it work — and a Strategy Intensive can show you the way! 

Ashton Hoot, Lead Copywriter + Dedicated Swiftie
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