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How to Cut Through the Noise and Stand Out with Your Content


Content Marketing

Just take a minute to think about how much content you ignore on a given day. The same-old-same-old Instagram captions. The 1 million Stories about someone’s new offer. Or how many links you skip over in your Google search results. 

Sorry to say it, but you’re not a connoisseur of content. Your audience is doing the exact same thing. 

They’re dealing with a mass amount of content bombarding them daily, too, and quickly filtering out the noise to focus on the bits that catch their interest. Combine that with ever-decreasing human attention spans and increasing work notifications — and you’ve got a content dilemma on your hands.

But don’t freak out just yet, because we came bearing GIFs (and gifts!) in all hands. Today, we’re spilling the tea on how we help our clients create content that sets them apart and gets more eyes on their business. 

Get your pen and notepad ready, and let’s get started!

Refocus on your audience

Content strategy has to begin with your target audience in mind. Your client avatar is more than a 90-page slide deck catching dust in your virtual workspace. They are living, breathing people who need exactly what you have to offer! Creating content for your audience is how you get them to pay attention.

Refocus on your target audience and remember what kind of content they want.

Is this information answering important questions for your audience? Is it demonstrating how your products and services can help them solve a major pain point?

If the answer is no, that’s a huge red flag that your content isn’t matching your audience’s needs. Use your answers and insights to re-evaluate your current content strategy and content pillars, which will help you understand how to fill the gaps in your content.

Consider your own interests

Hate creating TikToks? Writing a blog makes you want to gouge your eyes out? Then stop doing it. Seriously, stop. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Because here’s the sad truth: When you create something that you hate doing, guess what? 

We. Can. Tell.  Your energy just isn’t the same, your excitement isn’t as noticeable.

If you want to get people riled up about your business, it has to start with you. This can be a much simpler decision to make than you think! 

Because there are really only three types of content to choose from: audio, video, and text. Consider what you like and don’t like about the content type you’re creating. Then think about which type of content you would love to be doing instead, and go do that thing. 

Yes, this is us giving you permission to go and create some kickass content!

Share your strong or unique opinions

People love connecting with people. B2B, B2C, D2C, it doesn’t matter. It’s all really just P2P (people-to-people) and driven by human interactions. Because people want to buy from people.

One of the most human things you can do is to show a bit of emotion. No, we’re not talking about getting “vulnerable” about social. It’s more about letting people know what you stand for…and what you don’t.

What about your industry ticks you off? Maybe it’s tactics from industry bad apples or outdated concepts you wish you could wave away, or unhelpful solutions you know will disappoint your target audience.

There’s something that fires you up when you think about it. So talk about it! Most importantly, share why you’re different and how that benefits your audience. 

Keep your audience in the know

Ever had to ask for directions with just a few minutes on the clock to get to the right place? Or had someone tell you what to order (or what to avoid) on a new menu? 

How helpful is it to have someone tell you something that saved you a lot of trouble? Why not do the same for your audience?

Think about what your audience needs to know. It could be a simple solution that they’re overlooking. The content you create could be something that would save them loads of time, stress, money, or all of the above.

Sharing helpful insights that make a difference makes people pay attention and helps them start seeing your company as a trusted source they can turn to. 

Reveal something that’s under the radar or unique

You can also create noticeable content around something that your audience probably doesn’t know about. 

What things tend to go under the radar? What’s unique about the industry or what’s currently developing? See what comes up when you think of the answers and make notes for planning your content in the future. 

Be sure to also add a powerful spin on it by sharing your expert opinion on why it’s important or how it’s going to help shape your industry. People are naturally curious and will stop to learn about something that’s different or isn’t yet mainstream.

Explain your unique selling proposition (USP)

What’s different about your products or services, or approach to supporting your clients or customers? Creating more content on your USP is guaranteed to help you get more eyes on your business.

Here are a few reasons why content on your USP is so beneficial:

  • It lets you demonstrate your expertise, helping you build trust and authority.
  • People realize how you can help them, and get interested in learning more.
  • You make it clear why your audience is better off choosing you over your competitors.

Sharing content about your USP is an excellent way to communicate the benefits of your products or services to your target audience.

Start creating content that stands out

Did you know that 5,044,748 new businesses were launched in 2022? This means new companies on the internet are clamoring for the attention of your audience. Makes our heads spin just thinking about it!

The internet is a noisy place that’s getting louder every day. Businesses wanting to grow and reach the next level must create content that cuts through the noise.

So, yeah, you’ve got your work cut out for you. The good news is, you have handy tips to help you create scroll-stopping content. 

Even better news is you have the team here at Uncanny Content in your corner. We’ll help you with strategy and planning so your content captures the attention of more ideal customers. Grab a Strategy Intensive — and you’ll get support coming up with content that gets more eyes on your business.

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