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Why Uncanny Content Supports Women-, Queer-, Disabled-, and BIPOC-Owned Businesses


Brand Voice

Have we met yet? If not, hi. We’re Uncanny Content. Maybe you’re checking out our blog because a biz owner friend recommended us, or you saw one of our Reels and clicked on our Bio link. In any case, you’re still here because you’re thinking of hiring us.

But…you want to know why you should, plus what you can expect when you work with us, right? 

We’re here to answer those questions for you. Keep reading to find out more about the types of businesses we serve and why. 

Who Uncanny Content works with

Let’s cut to the chase — we focus on serving women-, queer-, disabled-, and BIPOC-owned businesses. 

Why? Because we believe entrepreneurial success is for everyone

Not just the dudebros who sell themselves as underdog success stories (but conveniently leave out the fact that their daddy paid for their college education). Not just the celebrity brands that make it big because they already have a huge platform. 

People who don’t have a massive following, “connections,” or family money to fund their businesses are just as deserving of success — if not more so. Underrepresented, marginalized, underprivileged folks: we’ve got your backs. We’re here to help you build the business you’ve always dreamed of having.

Plus, these business owners are more likely to reinvest in said communities, doing their part to support and uplift others. Studies show that women reinvest up to 90% (!!!) of their income in their communities and families, compared to 40% for men.

We want to change the industry

What about the support that certain businesses get from the government? Like special loans or financing options? 

First off, it’s the government. It’s like the government exists to make paperwork harder and delay giving people the aid that they need. For example:

  • Nearly half of LGBTQ-owned small businesses that applied for loans in 2021 were denied financing.
  • Women entrepreneurs are offered smaller loans with higher interest rates than men, according to a study in 2022.
  • A 2021 survey found that 40% of white-owned firms received all of the financing they sought, compared to 31% of Asian-owned firms, 20% of Hispanic-owned firms, and 13% of Black-owned firms.
  • Nearly half of Native-owned business owners received none of the financing that they applied for in a study from 2022, compared to 36% of non-Native-owned businesses.

We won’t go too far down this rabbit hole, but suffice it to say that our feelings about government systems and programs are pretty close to Ron Swanson’s.

If we can’t rely on these resources for support, we have to find it within our communities. 

That’s why we work with women business owners only. That’s why we provide grants to minority- and women-owned businesses through Waves of Change. It’s why our fearless leader Latasha gets candid about having a disability and how it impacts running a business.

We want others in these communities to know that we’re out here and ready to support y’all with our services. We’re rooting for you.

We want to be transparent about who we are

Think of a big company or brand that claims to support minority and women business owners. They’re “committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Okay, but…how? How are they actually supporting these businesses? 

Transparency is essential to us. So is sharing our opinions. (If you’ve followed Uncanny Content for a while, you already know this.) It’s important to continue talking about who we support and why. 

Not because we’re virtue-signaling, not because we’re trying to be quirky or controversial, and not because talking about your values is effective marketing. But because we always want our audience — new followers and OG followers — to know what we value and how we take action to support our values.

And honestly, it’s really fun to talk about supporting BIPOC entrepreneurs, serving women-owned businesses, running a business with a disability, and advocating for queer business owners, just to watch white guys emerge from the shadows and get angry. We’re not for you, and you’re just proving our point. 

Why this all matters to YOU

Why does all this matter to you? Because the choices you make for your business and the people you decide to work with are important. Everyone on your team (whether they’re employees, freelancers, or contractors) should have values that align with your own. 

Work with people who give a shit, who aren’t afraid to talk about what’s important to them, who want to make a difference. Work with people who care as much as you do.

And hey, if your values align with ours…we’d love to talk. 

Work with Uncanny Content, and we’ll be your vocal supporters, cheerleaders, and ride-or-die content and copy team. We care…a lot, and we’ll make sure that transfers over to whatever we end up creating or strategizing for you. 

Let’s chat about how we can serve you, whether you need content management, ongoing strategy, or a one-quarter strategy intensive to get the ball rolling. Reach out to us now!

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