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How To Create Content That Supports Your New Launch


Content Creation

Thinking about your new offer…

Versus thinking about creating the launch plan for said offer.

Yeah…it’s a tale as old as time. The business owner with a really great idea but not a plan in sight to carry it through. *Sigh*

The truth is, a lot of times it’s just because they don’t know what they need to do. Thinking about a full-on plan seems like…a lot…and a lot you probably don’t have time for. But the other truth is, it’s not as bad as it sounds. 

Launching is a lot of hard work, but once you know what you need to do to get there, it’s easier to get up and get started. 

Below, I’m digging into what you need to get the ball a’ rolling, as told in cheesy 1980s GIFs (because why TF not?).

First things first — the basics

You can’t create a content strategy without knowing what you’re selling. It’s simple math. 

Generate hype about “something new coming soon” all you want, but eventually, your audience is going to get tired of not having any details and will probably think you’re just bluffing. 

And then when the time comes when you’ve finally given your offer a name and unique standpoint, you’ve lost their interest.

It’s cool to hint at your offer before you have the details worked out, but that’s a short-term strategy at best. 

Create your landing page or sales page

Your new offer needs somewhere to live. Go build it a home (aka a sales page or landing page).

Hold on — let’s sidebar for a moment

I know you’ve heard sales and landing pages used interchangeably, but they are different. 

In essence, they both have the same function — to sell. But where sales pages differ is in length and when they’re used. They’re longer web pages and are typically used once launches go live. 

Landing pages, however, are much shorter and only have bare-boned essentials. You’ll find them in use whenever teams are working behind the scenes to get the full shebang of a sales page ready. OR whenever it’s to link to or showcase a freebie/opt-in.

You can see our own examples of a sales page and landing page here!

What to include

The most important thing to remember when crafting a sales page is to keep the customer or client in front at all times. Remember, it isn’t you who needs this service, it’s them, so don’t waste your time talking about yourself unless it points back to how it can help them. 

Include all the benefits, features, results, testimonials, and solutions you can muster up. The more the merrier (yes, it’s okay if your sales page is long — and the steeper the investment, the longer it should be. People want to know what they’re spending their money on).

How to use emails to promote your launch

Email, Instagram, YouTube, going live, etc….I know it’s exhausting. Trying to keep up with every platform is exhausting. But hear me out on this one. 

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any of those suckers. And what’s more, is that people have to make more of an effort to subscribe than just clicking a follow button (I know that seems silly, but think about how fast-paced the internet is these days). 

Listen, they WANT to be there. Take advantage of that! Plus you get to say more in your emails, making them 9/10 more effective. HELLS YA!

Don’t believe me? We had a client once launch a new program earning $26,700 just from email clicks alone. So, uh, there ya have it. 

The types of emails to include in your launch plan

Every launch is different, so the volume of emails you need will differ from business to business and launch to launch. But, there are four main types of launch emails that you should always include in that plan:

  • The teaser email: Send out a few weeks pre-launch. It builds anticipation and gets your audience ready for what you’re going to offer. We’d recommend sending this out to your entire list. 
  • The announcement email: Send out a week before go-time. You’ll finally reveal the big secret they’re all dying to know, and they’ll get details to decide whether or not it’s right for them. Get them pumped, get them excited, and remind them how they can benefit from it.
  • The launch day email: Everyone’s fav. Fill with party emojis and gifs as needed. And don’t forget to repeat the necessary info (even if it seems redundant, it’s not).
  • The follow-up emails: Just one word — reminders! That is all.

Write a blog about it

Going back to generating hype for your launch — yes, people still read blogs (you’re reading this one right now aren’t you?). And yes, they still matter for sales. This is your chance to hash out all the deets and why they matter in your offer’s most practical light. 

Plus, it helps search engines pick up more content about your offer and rank higher in the search results so your sales page isn’t just sitting in an obscure corner somewhere on the internet. 

Leverage your social media to promote it

See all the above as to why. It’s the H-Y-P-E.

Like it or not, social media is still a big part of launch strategies. And while IG may be tough to navigate these days, it’s not going anywhere. 

Launches are not the time to duck and cover because you keep putting off posting a Reel. You don’t HAVE to post one (though you probably should, I hear they’re poppin’ days). You can still do plenty of other things, like:

  • Use paid ads to reach more people
  • Jump on IG live to answer questions or chat with a previous customer about their experience
  • Post a story poll or question sticker to interact with your audience
  • Utilize a 6-grid or 9-grid feed during the launch so everything flows together cohesively (and help alleviate some of the content creation burden)

Need launch support? 

Launches are no joke. There’s a reason so many people put them off until the last minute (which TBH is probably the worst thing you can do). 

We don’t want to see that happen to you. You’ve got a good idea, now you just need someone to execute it. Hmm,….who to call, who to call? *taps chin unknowingly*

Psssst…it’s us!

If you need some help, we’re your people! We’ve got you covered not just in the launch copy, but also in creating and carrying out your entire launch plan. From launch content calendars to engagement strategies, and even sales page design, know who to call. 

Nope, not Ghostbusters…Uncanny Content silly goose!

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Ashton Hoot, Lead Copywriter + Dedicated Swiftie
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