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How Your Instagram Content Strategy Needs to Change in 2024


Content Planning

Instagram is constantly evolving. 

Remember the Valencia filter? Or those perfectly curated and clean white desks? Once upon a time, if you would have asked what an Instagram content strategy should include, it would have been that. 

As time went on, though, those trends faded and we all adapted our Instagram content strategies to fit new eras of social media. 

But this isn’t a heart-to-heart about our dear friend Instagram. No, it’s a heart-to-heart about you. And more specifically…how it’s time to evolve YOUR Instagram content strategy in 2024. 

This platform has done more than just survive the social media evolution; it’s thrived, transforming the way we connect, market, and swipe through our daily dose of digital dopamine. 

So, if you’re ready to keep your content fresh and your followers engaged, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how to revamp your Instagram content strategy in 2024!

The algorithm + your Instagram content strategy

To understand Instagram trends, we have to first understand the algorithm. Love it or hate it, it has a pretty big sway over who does or doesn’t see your content. In 2024, expect this algorithm to get even smarter, prioritizing personal connections and genuine engagement. 

This means it’s time to focus less on gaming the system, and more on feeding it the good stuff: quality content that resonates with your audience.

What does embracing the Instagram algorithm look like? 

Educate, entertain, and empower. You have to provide value and build connections that inspire engagement. The goal of your Instagram content strategy should be to nurture the reader along their customer journey with you. 

But don’t treat Instagram posts like blog posts. Should your content be educational? Yes. But you don’t need to pack your posts with ALL the points. Keep them focused and build trust over time by consistently providing your followers with value (and entertainment!). 

The rise of authenticity and transparency

Gone are the days of the perfectly curated feed each photo and graphic being highly edited. In 2024, Instagram users are craving realness, and we’re here for it. 

This year, ditch the facade and show up as you are. 

Authenticity is your new best friend, and guess what? It’s a relationship that pays off. Brands that get real with their audience tend to see a boost in engagement and loyalty. Because, let’s face it, we all love a good behind-the-scenes look — it makes us feel like we’re part of the story.

What should authenticity on Instagram look like?

No, you don’t need to post your dirty laundry (either literal or metaphorical), but you can share more of what your business, and life, look like beyond your feed. 

Noticed lots of Reels in your feed with B-roll of the creator doing everyday things like making lunch, getting ready, walking their dog, or drinking coffee? It’s because that content is working. 

People see content like this and make a connection.

“Oh, she drinks Dunkin like me!”

“Their dog is so cute! I love corgis!”

“Looks like her kids trash her car too.”

Users love seeing seemingly mundane things. Why? We’re all a little nosey, and we build connections by finding similarities. And an easy way to find similarities is by seeing them.

Embracing new formats and features

As of this writing, Instagram has five content formats: posts, carousels, Reels, stories, and lives. These all attract different viewers and give you different opportunities for storytelling, education, shareability, and virality. 

So, how can we maximize each of these formats?

Feed posts 

Posts used to be the coolest kid on the ‘gram. But they’ve definitely fallen in favor with users and therefore, with the algorithm as well. 

What we’re seeing? Posts made for sharing are rising to the top. Memes, quotes, artwork, something that leaves an impression. 

So, put your energy into making your single posts impactful and fun. You want your audience to want to share (and save) them! 


Did you know that carousels on Instagram give you two shots at getting engagement? If a user doesn’t interact with the first slide in a carousel, Instagram serves them the next slide in the carousel later on (if it pops back into their feed). 

So focus on making slide one and slide two equally impactful and scroll-stopping. 


No one’s pointing and dancing on Reels anymore (bless). Instead, original, quick content is getting traction. Reels under 20 seconds, especially ones with B-roll, are thriving. (Remember those normal, everyday activities we mentioned earlier?)


Stories are the #1 format to build authenticity and transparency because they build connections. Updates, insights, rants, fun things, etc. Your audience may not always engage with your stories, but they are watching!

Leveraging User-Generated Content

Ah yes, the unsung hero of content marketing: user-generated content (UGC). Nothing screams “community” louder than showcasing the love and creativity of your followers. 

In 2024, leveraging UGC isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must-do. It builds trust, fuels engagement, and gives your brand that warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of something bigger. Plus, it’s content that practically creates itself — talk about a win-win! 

What does this look like for most service-based businesses? 

Integrate testimonials, reviews, and screenshots of results into your Instagram content strategy. Think of how you can showcase the results you bring to your clients by showing off the work you accomplished together. 

Data-Driven Content Strategy

If you’re not diving into your Instagram Insights, get on that ASAP. In 2024, data is your best friend. It tells you what works, what flops, and everything in between. Use these insights to refine your strategy, experiment with content, and ultimately, create more of what your audience loves. 

Remember, every like, comment, and share is a clue to what makes your followers tick.

But a word to the wise? Don’t get too obsessed with your follower count. Instead, focus on the metrics that matter — engagement and traffic. These are the BIGGEST clues to understanding your audience!

Ready to Rock Your Instagram Content Strategy?

Navigating Instagram in 2024 is all about embracing change, staying authentic, and keeping your audience at the heart of your strategy. It’s a journey, but with the right mindset and a sprinkle of creativity, you can do it!

Now then, let’s roll up our sleeves, keep our feeds fresh, and make 2024 the year of impactful, engaging Instagram content!

Not sure what that should look like for you? Or want a leg up on mapping out your content strategy? Book a strategy intensive with us! We’ll help you plan strategic email, social, and video content for your brand that will match your capacity and brand vision!

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